Monday, 23 October 2017

Full Frontal Nerves | Caned to Your Climax | Defiant or Compliant? | Winter is Coming

Jacob takes a hard spanking with the cane for No Way Out Punishment
Jacob Gets Caned ... Hard

Full Frontal Nerves

Spanking straight guys for the first time is part of the job here at No Way Out.  What I notice is that the straight guys can get competitive.  John is good friends with Tom and all eyes are on him to see how much punishment he can take.  He is also worried about being naked full-frontal.  It's almost like he's more worried about that than the punishment.  I am always clear with these types of guys that in order to be paid their fee, they must take a good thrashing.  As he strips down, he looks extremely nervous.  He has no idea that only minutes from now he's going to be biting down on an old sock as I belt his bare ass.  Maybe he will take this as a wake up call and get a proper job.  Brace yourself, John.

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Caned to Your Climax

As you may know, I do not use the cane extensively and so when I do, I like to go all out.  I start off with a smaller, snappier cane and it is really great fun cracking it across the cheeks of Jacob's bare ass which are perfectly positioned over the punishment bench.  Despite that, when I start administering sets of five and ten, he starts trying to wriggle away, but he's tied down tight and he's not going anywhere.  I enjoy caning his bare ass so much for you ... he suffers fantastically.  This video is exactly why I started making my own punishment videos - I really wanted to show you more intense, longer canings which, in this case, go on until Jacob's ass is completely shredded.  I don't stop until I am satisfied - until you have had plenty of time to satisfy yourself.  Not before.

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Defiant or Compliant?

I am interested to understand what makes someone need to submit to hard punishment when, in the moment, they really don't enjoy it.  It hurts like hell.  Chris is one such trainee.  He is able to take a massive amount of punishment and finding his limit can take time.  This session is no exception ... I will take him to hell and back for you and once I start, there is no out.  He can call me a bastard, he can try to get away, push my hands away, beg me for a break ... none of this is happening.  What's happening is that he is going to take every single last stroke.  Hard caning, belting, carpet-beating, the works.  But even then, he defies me by asking for more strokes - something he surely regrets when I assign him 100 of the cane.  This guy is a great workout for us.

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Winter is Coming

I'm used to the sounds that Ben makes when he is dealing with my belt or my straps and so every now and then, it's fun to use a new implement - like these fresh cut switches.  I instructed Ben to go out to his local woods and choose a selection of fresh branches which he then pared and presented to me.  I like the idea of him gathering the very branches that will soon be challenging him in the punishment room.  I carefully select three firm but pliable switches and get going.  Ben is shocked by the pain as they slice down on his bare ass, making an awesome swishing sound.  They really are fun to beat ass with and judging by Ben's reactions, they sting like hell.  Listening to Ben scream louder than ever just makes chasing those cheeks around even more fun.  No escape.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Dedication Is What You Need | No Escape | Soundproofing Tested | On the Cross

Adam is spanked hard over the bench for No Way Out Punishment

Dedication Is What You Need

Adam is quite a shy, proud straight guy, and so this video is difficult for him, due to its humiliating position.  As a result, it's highly enjoyable for us to watch Adam deal with it all.  In the position he is in, his cheeks are really spread wide and high, so that when the belt cracks down, it lands across tighter skin and he really feels the force of it.  Adam has a great, smooth ass which he seems willing to use to give you what you want.  Like a good soldier, he must concentrate throughout the session on getting through it, gritting his teeth and taking everything that I am challenging him with.  This type of dedication to his training is what makes Adam one of our most popular guys ever.

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No Escape

Sometimes the beatings I inflict on Ben are quite structured, calculated.  So for example, I might have a specific challenge for him in terms of the number of strokes I want him to take, or I might have a new implement that I want to see and hear him deal with.  But other times, my desire to punish takes over the need to have any particular format and I want to show you something real, open-ended with no escape.  It's just me and Ben in this situation so I see no reason why I shouldn't strip down and get comfortable for this session.  With Ben tied, restrained, legs spread, and a host of implements at my disposal, it's gonna be a long hard session that I'm going to make him beg his way out of.

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Soundproofing Tested

James is very animated when taking punishment, each reaction is real but different and so he is exciting to watch - you can feel the fear and anticipation of each stroke filling the air. His movement is more restricted this time, his wrists restrained to the bench and his legs tied together.  He puts a lot more of his energy into holding on tight as he takes what is coming.  You'll really enjoy watching his bouncing cheeks hand-spanked until he screams.  He seems determined to show you what he is capable of taking, he grits his teeth and gets on with giving you what you want, letting all the pain and humiliation just flow out, he really does wear his spanked ass on his sleeve, this guy.  I keep him going for us with some firm words of encouragement.

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On the Cross

One of the things I enjoy about training Ben is that he fights back.  He tries to hold onto his dignity, because he doesn’t want to give me what I want, what you want, which is to hear him scream the place down.  Sessions like this one are like a battle between us where Ben is determined to hold onto a shred of his dignity and I am determined to remove it for your viewing pleasure.  Belting is the name of the game to start with - belting that is so intense that it literally strips the underwear off Ben’s restrained ass which is up and as proud as it can be given the circumstances.  What I really want to know as things intensify is where my favorite prison strap is – it is not in the usual place - and what follows is a battle of wills as I demand to know.  If I find it, things are gonna get serious.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A Day to Remember | Bubble Butt Pushed to Breaking | Because It Pleases Me | Good, Hard Things Come to Those ...

Ben has his underwear ripped roughly from him before being spanked hard for No Way Out Punishment
Ben is rip-stripped ... time for the real punishment to start ...

A Day to Remember

It is hard for me not to get carried away in a dungeon environment.  Long-handled, wooden paddles, belts, whips, straps, vicious multi-caned martinets.  It's all like a red rag to a bull.  Luckily for these guys, there are two of them side-by-side so they are going to have to work as a team to take what I have in store for them.  Perhaps there is some rivalry between them because they are such good subs, taking everything with a mixture of pride and fear.  Pride and fear which soon gives way to delicious screams for mercy.  Now I have them where I want them, I intend to get my money's worth and anyway, the place is rented out for the whole day.  It is a day of truly awesome punishment, rock-hard punishment that I will never forget.

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Bubble Butt Pushed to Breaking

Steve has a great ability to take punishment across his bare ass and he has entertained us by putting his bubble butt on the line again and again.  I wanted to show you his limit because that is where the really exciting footage is made - when a guy like Steve is pushed to the very limits of what he can take and, for the first time, breaks down.  It's the perfect opportunity because Steve has once again been up to no good and so I spell out to him what the repercussions of his behavior will be - namely that he will be punished until he breaks down completely.  And to make sure that the punishment is as humiliating as it is painful, I put him in a very tricky position for him to hold which sees his legs wide apart.  There is nowhere to hide from what is coming his way.

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Because It Pleases Me

Jed bravely enrolled himself in a three-day marathon of spanking and CP training and you are invited to watch the action.  His skin is as soft as butter and those same soft cheeks will learn to take a huge amount of punishment.  To please me.  To learn respect for my belt.  After being thoroughly spanked over the table and in the humiliating wheelbarrow position, Jed is then belted hard across his bare ass because I am in no mood for joking around.  I want to thrash him hard and I grab his balls and pull them tight, manhandling and repositioning his perky bubble butt in between sets of punishment.  His ass is just begging for a good hard beating.  I have to admit, it is pretty tough for a first session.  You are going to love it.

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Good, Hard Things Come to Those ...

I love beating Ben's ass.  What I love even more than that is to take my time over it.  There's no rush, is there?  I like to start by punishing him over his underwear, to get me warmed up, get him warmed up ... and to remind him that even with the safety, the protection his little tighty-whities offer, I can get some great noises out of him.  Of course, he is only just beginning to deal with it, to get to grips with the pain when it's time to remind him of that this is No Way Out and we punish on bare.  He seems genuinely shocked and afraid, quite a bit of shouting, as I rip-strip his underwear off roughly.  His ass is in the perfect position for me to start chasing it around the bench with my belt and then a cracking great whooshing prison strap.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tricky Customer | Workout : Initiation | Playing to the Gallery | Going Over the Line

Adam suffers fantastically as he takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment
Adam suffers fantastically as he takes a hard spanking for No Way Out Punishment

Tricky Customer

I get contacted by a lot of guys that want to be trained.  Some of them seem to think that they can come round and start dictating what I should and should not do.  The thing is, if you want and need to be trained by me then I make the rules.  I have no interest in training a bossy bottom.  For this reason, Sam got a whole lot more than he was bargaining for when he came round for a session.  A little bit jumpy and nervous, I decided that what he needed to calm him down was tight bondage and relentless, bare-assed punishment.  Half an hour later when I was shouting at him to present his ass properly, my foot holding the bench in position as he tries to get away from the onslaught ... that's when I think he realized what it means to be punished at No Way Out.  This one needs quite a bit of training and today he is going to please me even if it takes all day.  Come on Sam. Feet nice and wide, ass up, just fucking take what's coming like a good lad.

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Workout : Initiation

When Adam first sent me photos of him in the gym where he works, bare-chested, I immediately said I was interested and asked him for a pic of his bare ass.  When he responded and said that he was interested in learning, up for being challenged, I knew that I could bring you something really special.  There are quite a few parallels between gym training and CP training.  Both can be painful but rewarding, each have their own limits and the session can be measured easily enough in sets and reps.  When I spoke to Adam on the phone, I explained that what we needed to do was very similar to a good, hard workout.  With his nervous but can-do attitude, he was soon ready to show us what he could take.  The mixture of pain and fear on his face will really get your heart racing.  Time to really train the trainer.

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Playing to the Gallery

One of my drinking buddies, Rich, knows about No Way Out and one time over a few beers, he confessed that he had an interest in watching me punish a guy.  I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to train Ben and so I decided that I would arrange for Rich to witness one of his training sessions.  What I didn’t know was that although I have a tendency to challenge Ben pretty hard, I took things to a new level when Rich was there.  Call it playing to the gallery – call it showing off.  Regardless, I laid it on hard and fast for Rich in order to show him how we do things around here.  We sank a few beers in between training Ben and we had a laugh at his reactions which I saw in a whole new light.  Rich helped choose the implements and direct the punishment, he even spanked Ben for a while.  You’re gonna be rock hard and panting while you watch this high intensity sadistic punishment session.

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Going Over the Line

I'm in the mood for hard punishment and this next guy is gonna get thrashed, you are going to love it.  Richard (not my mate Richard but my trainee Richard) is great fun to punish because he has these great yelps and gasps of surprise.  It's like he interprets each stroke, manages them one at a time.  It makes for a very exciting punishment session.  His ass also turns a darker shade than most, showing some fantastic effects of a long belting.  But it's also the first time I use the prison strap on him and let's just say, it takes him by complete surprise.  His reaction is fucking fantastic because it wasn't exactly pre-agreed.  Other than when he's biting down on my belt (which now has teeth marks in it), I make him count out the strokes as he receives them.  Absolutely filthy hard video.

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